Saturday, September 10, 2016

August 2016

Ra Ra Riot - Water

Devo:  Rostam is starting to make some more music outside of VW.  He made this song with Ra Ra Riot and he's got a project with the lead singer of the Walkmen, though all it does is remind me that I don't like the lead singer of the Walkmen.

Michael Kiwanuka - Black Man In A White World

Meat MD:  New album by michael kinawuka is legit (produced by my dude danger mouse).  Wait - kiwanuka not kinawuka.  proving his point he's a black man in a white world.

Whitney - No Woman

Adrien Brody:  It's jarring to look at Steve Earle in the video for Copperhead Road and then think about him as Walon in The Wire.

Quinn XCII - Another Day In Paradise

Ding:  Quick shout for a couple home-town kids Quinn XCII (yes, that's the year he was born). I will hate this song when it gets played on the radio, but enjoy for now and play for your GF. Hey, if it can happen to Posner...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July 2016

Bob Moses - All I Want

Tatarsky: Bob Moses is my Moses.  Listen tonight and remember the ape.

Vaz - Sunshine

Hollering: Play this tribal summer jam at a hipster cookout and your odds of receiving a Lindsay Vonn inspired massage will skyrocket.

ShaqIsDope - DWNTWN

Meat MD: Toronto fire. Unrelated - an overpriced shitty juice place in my neighborhood lost an energy crystal. They complained about it on social media. FJM stole it. FJM didn't like their social media tone. FJM went on instagram to both admit to stealing the crystal and then let everyone know, through instagram, that he wasn't so into capitalism.

Roy Woods - How I Feel

Shmoo: Check this kid Roy Woods. Zombie MJ, not Thriller Mike but Mike back from the dead still on tranqs.

Koi Child - Black Panda

Ding: Hailing from that urban music capital of the world, Perth, Australia, introducing the 6 piece live hip-hop experiment known as Koi Child. Think Hieroglyphics, Hieruspecs, early Roots.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 2016

Car Seat Headrest - Fill In The Blank

Adrien Brody:  From NPR top 30 albums of 2016 thus far.  Stay away from the comments section at the bottom of that list, but listen to this kid's entire album. Great music.

DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels

Tatarsky:  Saturday night scorcher.

Otherwhile - Haunt You

Whiskey:  The hot cellist that defected from Ra Ra Riot started her own band. I dig this track, her voice has that Stevie Nicks growl and its deployed over some solid B electropop.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities

Timmy:  Dece track.  Super fuckable video.

Blood Orange - Augustine

Bronsen:  83 with some sun today in NYC, how much action is crush cam gonna get?