Friday, February 8, 2019

Winter 18-19

Atlas - The Dip

Foggy Goggles: We usually take clothes off in Seattle cause they're soaked with rain. 

Men I Trust - Say, can you hear 

Devo: Montreal dream pop, featuring a cute blonde chick named Emma. New single today bounces along very nicely. 

Elder Island - Don't Lose

Meat MD: Elder island is a killer band if you like that haunted soulful synthy sound and they just put out an album.

Holiday throwback: Luther Vandross - Never Too Much 

Muppet master: This songs a fuckin banger but I think they ran out of budget for the video. 

Litany - Bedroom 

Adrien Brody: Earworm summer 2017 British indiepop new post. 

Bonus: crackhead flow 

Martin: Having watched both, I prefer Hulu’s take. Netflix really downplayed the massive fraud of it all until the end - also those fuck Jerry guys are douchebags. I’m gonna hang up and listen. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fall 2018

Caroline Rose - More of the Same

Adrien Brody: Sounds like tennis and that’s why I keep listening to it I guess.

79.5 - Predictions

Devo: Full length album last week is every bit as good as I hoped. New York based melodic soul with some other genres mixed in. Really good stuff.

Houses - Fast Talk

Michelangelo: Digging it. White town meets the eels meets sneaker pimps.

Silk City - Electricity

Adrien Brody: Silk City is Diplo and Mark Ronson. They call it "elegant house." See you on the dance floor.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Summer 2018

Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five

Adrien Brody: Critics seem to be panning this album in the few reviews I’ve read, and that’s a shame. Alex Turner doing his best Bowie impressions.

Lizzo - Phone

Tatarsky: Bish brings fire. I didn’t know.

Craig Finn - God In Chicago

Meat MD: I hate story songs but can’t get enough of this.

ASAP Rocky - Praise the Lord (Da Shine)

Mister Joshua: If you like fire South American pan flute and a hot beat, this shit is for you.

MorMor - Heaven's Only Wishful

Whiskey: I've been meaning to rec this MorMor fella for a while, but thought his name sounded like it could be a slur and did not want to offend. He's a 26 year-old singer and producer from Toronto. Its hipster R&B-type shit with really great hooks. Sorry if I offend.

Foxing - Nearer My God

Ding: Finally. Front-to-back quality from St. Louis' Foxing on their new album, Nearer my God. And yes, A-Step, it's Emo. Seriously give the whole thing a spin.