Thursday, May 23, 2019

Spring 2019

Big Wild - 6’s to 9’s (feat. Rationale)

JoeCo:  New big wild jam.  Sounds like a cross between disco and an old school George Michael anthem.  Hope some of you made it to the show at Concorde last night. Looked dope on insta, but everything is supposed to look dope on insta.


Pond - Sweep Me Off My Feet

Ding:  Went down a Tame rabbit hold and emerged with this.

Karen O & Danger Mouse - TURN THE LIGHT

Meat MD:  This is an automatic alert to tell you that Danger Mouse produced a Karen O album.  No need for further action at this time.

Duskus - Where To Go

Shorty:  dece chill tune.


Vรถk - In the Dark

Ding:  What's new in the world of nordic dream pop? Our favorite Icelandic trio's latest full release. Take me baaaaack (kind of).

Friday, February 8, 2019

Winter 18-19

Atlas - The Dip

Foggy Goggles: We usually take clothes off in Seattle cause they're soaked with rain. 

Men I Trust - Say, can you hear 

Devo: Montreal dream pop, featuring a cute blonde chick named Emma. New single today bounces along very nicely. 

Elder Island - Don't Lose

Meat MD: Elder island is a killer band if you like that haunted soulful synthy sound and they just put out an album.

Holiday throwback: Luther Vandross - Never Too Much 

Muppet master: This songs a fuckin banger but I think they ran out of budget for the video. 

Litany - Bedroom 

Adrien Brody: Earworm summer 2017 British indiepop new post. 

Bonus: crackhead flow 

Martin: Having watched both, I prefer Hulu’s take. Netflix really downplayed the massive fraud of it all until the end - also those fuck Jerry guys are douchebags. I’m gonna hang up and listen. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fall 2018

Caroline Rose - More of the Same

Adrien Brody: Sounds like tennis and that’s why I keep listening to it I guess.

79.5 - Predictions

Devo: Full length album last week is every bit as good as I hoped. New York based melodic soul with some other genres mixed in. Really good stuff.

Houses - Fast Talk

Michelangelo: Digging it. White town meets the eels meets sneaker pimps.

Silk City - Electricity

Adrien Brody: Silk City is Diplo and Mark Ronson. They call it "elegant house." See you on the dance floor.