Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fall 2018

Caroline Rose - More of the Same

Adrien Brody: Sounds like tennis and that’s why I keep listening to it I guess.

79.5 - Predictions

Devo: Full length album last week is every bit as good as I hoped. New York based melodic soul with some other genres mixed in. Really good stuff.

Houses - Fast Talk

Michelangelo: Digging it. White town meets the eels meets sneaker pimps.

Silk City - Electricity

Adrien Brody: Silk City is Diplo and Mark Ronson. They call it "elegant house." See you on the dance floor.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Summer 2018

Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five

Adrien Brody: Critics seem to be panning this album in the few reviews I’ve read, and that’s a shame. Alex Turner doing his best Bowie impressions.

Lizzo - Phone

Tatarsky: Bish brings fire. I didn’t know.

Craig Finn - God In Chicago

Meat MD: I hate story songs but can’t get enough of this.

ASAP Rocky - Praise the Lord (Da Shine)

Mister Joshua: If you like fire South American pan flute and a hot beat, this shit is for you.

MorMor - Heaven's Only Wishful

Whiskey: I've been meaning to rec this MorMor fella for a while, but thought his name sounded like it could be a slur and did not want to offend. He's a 26 year-old singer and producer from Toronto. Its hipster R&B-type shit with really great hooks. Sorry if I offend.

Foxing - Nearer My God

Ding: Finally. Front-to-back quality from St. Louis' Foxing on their new album, Nearer my God. And yes, A-Step, it's Emo. Seriously give the whole thing a spin.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

April May 2018

Kai Straw - Friction

Meat MD:  It's been a bit, but I'm finally getting around to my recap of coachella...  

...Fashion: Last year, bras were out, mesh shirts and pasties were in.  This year, pasties out, everything else stayed the same.  I saw a girl who, the most significant thing covering her was a nipple ring. I know, I know, pics.  But 1) I have no idea how old these girls are, but it's not "very".  It makes me uncomfortable to take a pic (although not to look). 2) I barely remember I have a phone let alone a camera on said phone and operating it seems like a near impossible task (it lights up, it buzzes, Cardi B is coming on, why am I standing in this line? was I really going to get pizza? am I alone? ...or have I always been alone?)...  

...My overall pick:  THEY.  Fucking hell those dudes are talented.  If they aren't huge in 2 years, they have a shitty manager.

CAPYAC ft MOONZz — Afterhours  

Devo:  It's been a bit, but I'm finally getting around to my recap of my kid's 3rd bday this weekend.

Things got going super promptly at 11 AM because that's how we party out here. The kids were out wearing cars on their shirts, some princesses, lots of em had sunscreen on, you'd catch a little girl crying for no apparent reason (maybe drugs? maybe cupcakes?). No pics, 1) I have no idea how old these girls are, though mostly probably preschool; 2) I barely remember having a phone because I have to eat pot to be able to deal with this.

My overall pick: Moana. Kills it every time. Lin-Manuel just can't miss. "How Far I'll Go" turns into a crazy dance party.


Mansionair - Astronaut

Adrien Brody:  The chorus (loose term) came through and it made me miss daft punk.


Meat MD:  They call themselves a boyband. They are not.  They are boys, and it is technically a band, but its a hard band of boys.


Cautious Clay - Blood Type

Foggy Goggles:  This guy keeps dropping dope shit. The whole Blood Type album is great. It's layered. soulful, upbeat stuff.


Big Thief - Shark Smile

Meat MD:  That folky americana shit.  Whatever americana means.